Dunkerque D1 French grand-prix

posté à 04h22


This week-end was the first D1 french GP in Dunkerque. My race was good.

The swim was very hard because of the first buoy just 200 meters after the start. We were all together so that we cannot swim without pushing each other and that make me drink a lot of the good Dunkerque port water well-know for her content in salt, hydrocarbon... So my swim was not very good, but enough to be in the good bike pack.

The bike part was very dangerous and very fast. I was near to fall a lot of times because we were 50 in the pack and the bike part was narrow and sinuous.

The running part was good for me with very good feelings and a good time. Finally I finish 17th that is very good for me.

My next race is the U23 world champs in Vancouver June the 8th and I hope I will be even better...

See you soon,




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